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Published in EA No 19, November/December 2008

by Robert Edwards

‘The West’ was the collective term for a part of the world that featured in the global ideological polarisation between capitalism and communism during the period 1945 up to 1990 — known as the Cold War.
It was ‘the West’ that claimed to be an entity representing freedom and democracy with the communism of ‘the East’ being its ever-present threat and competitor for world hegemony. This global polarisation had one big effect upon the nations of Europe — it divided us very neatly along very clear and sharp ideological lines. Perhaps too sharply defined.
From the very beginning, we had an American military presence on one half of European soil with the Soviet Union claiming the other half. From this, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation was established standing firmly against the Warsaw Pact countries under the Russians. It has now been revealed that the Russian military threat to the western part of Europe was exaggerated, primarily, by the Americans simply because the Americans needed an alibi for their presence outside their own national boundaries. This, despite the big con of Lend-Lease when Churchill gave away permanent military bases in Britain in exchange for a load of rusty war vessels. The money we owed the Americans for that world war has only recently been paid back to them in full, so not so much about how grateful we should feel, please. It is always ‘business as usual’ for the Americans
Why do we still have NATO when the Warsaw Pact ‘threat’ no longer exists? The fact is, ‘the West’ is no longer, nor probably ever was, a truly collective partnership of like-minded freedom-loving nations on a mission from God. ‘The West’ is, in fact, the United States as a unilateral super power with its satellite states divided and conquered long ago. In short, it is a lie.
When the Americans pronounce on anything or threaten anyone, they insist they speak on behalf of the rest of us — ‘the West’. They insist we go along with everything they do because we are all ‘of the West’. I have a more honest approach to all of this. We are not of ‘the West’ but of Europe, a completely different land, culture and set of values to that materialistic, sabre-rattling, gung-ho land of the gun-owner and the vulgar hamburger-munching ‘red neck’ or Texan oil executive.
‘The West’ or the ’Occident’ exists only in contrast to Oriental civilisation. It is its only valid context. Europe and America have never been truly represented as a single entity — only in the imaginations of Washington war planners and their poodles and other lap dogs in Whitehall. We can now include the present incumbent of the Palais de l’Élysée and the offices of the Bundeskanzlerin in this shameless bunch of tail-wagging, well-trained dogs that yap to the American tune. The President of Poland, Lech Kaczyński, is a traitor to Europe for recently permitting American missiles on European soil.
For this we have NATO maintained as an American imperial military machine, having lost its original purpose after the collapse of the Soviet Union but now attempting to re-invent itself as an expanding mercenary force to further the ends of global capitalism. Its very existence is an obstacle to a truly independent European defence force and, as such, an obstacle to European unity.
America’s opposition to European unity with its own military defence force has been expressed many times. America hates Europe as a potential challenger to its status as a unilateral super power and it does all it can to keep alive the myth of ‘old’ and ‘new’ Europe. This polarising division was the invention of the meddling Donald Rumsfeld, the man responsible for exaggerating the ‘Red peril’ nature of the Soviet Union from the Ronald Reagan era onwards. Today, the ‘Evil Empire’ seems a more appropriate title for the United States as we observe how it encroaches just about everywhere in the world for its own ends, dragging ‘the West’ along with it..
The Republican hopeful for the White House, Senator John McCain, said way back in 2001 that plans for a European Defence Force were leading to “unneeded acrimony” within NATO. What did he mean? In his words, “The issues that confront us go to the very core of our existence as an alliance. Fundamental questions regarding the future of NATO stand before us. I am afraid that our geographical divide is increasingly a functional one. Our perspectives are diverging”.
He was referring to a rift between the United States and Europe over plans for a European Defence Force with the new Bush administration issuing dire warnings of NATO being weakened. From the American point of view, the interests of its global aspirations were above those of its ’allies’ in Europe. In other words, do not get ideas above your station but fall back in line.
This was at a time when the United States was pushing forward its plans for a National Missile Defence system, nicknamed ‘Son of Star Wars’. Russia, Germany and France all opposed it. It was Tony Blair’s government that pussy-footed and attempted a delicate diplomatic balancing act.
In 2001, Donald Rumsfeld spoke at a security conference in Munich and threatened, “Actions that could reduce NATO’s [America’s] effectiveness by confusing duplication or perturbing the transatlantic link would not be positive”. This was in response to proposals for a 60,000 strong European Rapid Reaction Force to be in operation by 2003.
Rumsfeld then went on to discuss how the United States wanted “to help European nations and other allies to deploy missile defences”. In other words, how the United States wanted to dominate other countries with American missile bases established on their soil. We are seeing this in Georgia and in some eastern European countries within the European Union.
At that same meeting in Munich, the Canadian Defence Minister, Art Eggleton, parroted the American position by claiming that there was a danger of NATO splitting if an independent European Defence Force went ahead.
The division of Europe can only be in the interests of those who wish to exploit Europe, pitting one nation-state against another, as the enemies of Europe have done for so long. It is clear that the United States uses this policy of divide and rule for its own purposes and that what is needed in Europe are strong governments that say in unison, “We will have a unity of purpose independent of the United States and that means a separate foreign policy ... and a European army for our own defence”.
The division of Germany after 1945 was the epitome of Europe’s tragedy. Our continent was exhausted after the internecine conflict that Oswald Mosley called “The Brothers’ War”. Britain was soon to lose its empire as a consequence and the Americans were set to step in. For this purpose, the North Atlantic Treaty was signed on April 4th, 1949, in order to establish NATO.
NATO’s first Secretary General, Lord Ismay, stated that the organisation's aim was "to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down". Keeping the Germans down meant keeping Europe down because Germany has long been at the centre of European history, in art, in music and in literature. The war was over but the German people were to pay a heavy price for it … more so than after the First World War. This, of course, was at a time when Europe was weakened and divided and soon to be carved up for the real victors, America and Stalin’s Russia. Germany became the symbol of European division until the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. Mosley always said that European union was impossible without German re-unification and he made many friends in that country as a result of his sympathy for their plight. Mosley had become a true European after that war and understood the genius of our great continent and all its people.
Europe a Nation, as Mosley’s great post-war idea, called for a Europe independent of both America and Russia … throughout the Cold War era. It is even more relevant now that the Cold War ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union. But the United States clings to the North Atlantic Treaty for a very obvious reason. If the United States loses that special relationship with Britain or the rest of Europe in the form of NATO then its influence and clout around the world will be severely diminished to the point that it could no longer carry out its many incursions into the territory of others.
It will have lost both credibility and legitimacy.
I have no doubt that with the disbandment of NATO as an alliance the United States would be forced back to within it own borders where, no doubt, it would continue to meddle in Central America … which they have always regarded as their ‘own backyard’. No part of Europe would again be picked on for use as a missile base and the transatlantic connection will have been broken for good.
There must be another call for freedom and that freedom must be the liberation of Europe from American domination and interference. It must be Europe’s right to break away from what is essentially an undesirable arrangement that is detrimental to European unity.
Other parts of the world would welcome this and we see aspects of this backlash to American imperialism in new alliances. All that is needed is strong government with courageous leaders. As I write, A Russian naval task force from the Northern Fleet will go on a tour of duty in the Atlantic Ocean and participate in joint naval drills with the Venezuelan navy in November.
“In line with the 2008 training programme, and in order to expand military cooperation with foreign navies, Russia will send in November a naval task force from the Northern Fleet, comprising nuclear-powered missile cruiser Pyotr Velikiy and support ships, to the Atlantic Ocean”, Captain 1st Rank Igor Dygalo has said.
Consider this with the corresponding news that the government of Ecuador has given the United States notice of closure of its military base in that country. The Americans have agreed to leave next year. You see, it can be done.
President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and President Rafael Correa of Ecuador agreed in July to jointly finance a $6 billion oil refinery to be constructed near the city of Manta in Ecuador. Hutchison Port Holdings, based in Hong Kong, will be constructing one of the largest deep-water ports on the west coast of South America, costing $523 million. The project will include piers, cranes, tuna-boat terminals, roads, and the capacity to handle 1.6 million shipping containers a year at South America’s closest point to the Far East.
“The United States stopped being the benchmark of what is good for Latin America”, said Gustavo Larrea, Ecuador's security minister. “Because Latin America did everything that the United States asked it to do and was not able to get out of poverty, the North American myth lost political weight”.
The same can be said of every country in which the United States has been intrusive and has interfered in their internal affairs ever since 1945. Not one of these countries has advanced in terms of the quality of life of its masses. Just look at Iraq and Afghanistan today with the wholesale destruction and slaughter on a level that defies understanding. The treatment of civilian populations by both the American and British military warrants charges of crimes against humanity. Let us not mince words. Let us have no more cant regarding “our lads doing a great job”. These pawns are doing nothing of the sort ... and they are certainly not ‘heroes’ in terms of what I was taught as a schoolboy. Our heroes did not terrorise women and children ... nor murder them.
NATO, as such, is fast becoming not only an anachronism but also an embarrassing liability with no relevance to the genuine defence needs of a Europe that is slowly discovering its identity as a separate force in the world.
The entire fault for this seemingly inextricable alliance with the United States rests with the electorates of the separate nation-states of Europe, voting for weak governments servile to the United States, foolishly believing that the United States is motivated by an altruism ... a caring regard for the entire world but most especially towards its allies in ‘the West’.
Globalism, the new international doctrine that hands all our destinies over to the world banking system, is but a platform upon which the American and his murderous military hardware can posture, bully and hector. But, as some countries have discovered, there is strength in union, and when nations come together in common interest they discover another powerful weapon and that is economic independence. Yes, independence from the United States and, eventually, independence from the international banking system that is currently dragging us all down into recession and further suffering. Both independence and strength comes from the union of similar countries.
Oswald Mosley directed us towards a vision of a Europe united in brotherhood for the purposes of building a new social and economic system. We can never achieve that when we are shackled to the North Atlantic alliance, with the United States always calling the shots. It would be better if every American serviceman and all their government agents were to leave our shores tomorrow, as the Ecuadoran government gave them notice to quit from their only base in that brave country. Now, these are my real heroes.
They are very unlikely to do so as long as we have the Gordon Browns, the Nicolas Sarkozys, the Angela Merkels and so on. They are globalists to a man and a woman. They can not see beyond the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, blinded by and drunk on a power that is limited in its scope insofar that it is incapable of rescuing the European peoples from the recurring crises that gnaw and eat away at the soul of Europe.
America, dear reader, is the real enemy of Europe. They have said so in their disapproval of the creation of a European Defence Force. When this was announced, America’s leaders made threats and gave warnings. Why? Because America wants to control Europe as a master with his servants.
Peace will only ever come to the world once the United States is denied its position of what it deems to be the role of ‘policeman of the world’, even though ‘Globocop’ is responsible for more crimes against humanity than anything since 1945. We should no longer be accomplices to them.

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Excellent article.I believe in the creation of some kind of extra-European (I'm European-American) entity,with Europe at its head,that will enhance the position of Europe in the world,and act as a "fifth-column" within any anti-European polity,like the U.S..I wish Europe would hurry along and kick the Yanks out.and finally set up a military-diplomatic policy which vexes and even confronts Americano barbarism.

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