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We Must End This Bankers' Racket

Make the New Europe Now!

by Robert Edwards

ESA No 41

The Italian government hopes to raise 10 billion euros    (£8.1 billion; $12.6 billion) selling off state-owned companies in a bid to reduce its crippling debt mountain ... goes a recent press release. This is the consequence of being at the wrong end of a system we know to be nothing short of debt slavery.
All over Europe, we are witnessing rule by finance ... private banking dictating policies to government. The BBC is constantly pushing the idea that Greece exiting the euro would have terrible economic consequences throughout the rest of the world. So it is not an exclusive issue for the euro-zone. Our Chancellor, old pal of the Rothschilds, George Osborne, says Britain’s recovery difficulties are all down to turmoil within the euro-zone but the real problems are far wider and originated in the United States of America.
Let us make it clear: this financial crisis was caused by Wall Street’s mortgage-backed securities fraud, none of whose perpetrators have ever been brought to book and jailed.
$90 trillion in credit debt swaps were then sold by Wall Street against Europe’s debt which presents further problems if the cash  is not available to make good when they are due. The truth is, Wall Street does not have the cash.
If the anti-austerity Left had won in Greece, then a bill would be presented to Wall Street that, of course, it could not pay.
Iceland famously threw out their government and jailed their criminal bankers which means all debts created through fraud were written off and the country is slowly recovering. This, surely, is the way out but the news media and economic ‘experts’ are telling us all that austerity is the only way. It is not.
Completely against Greek electoral law, the BBC and US polls predicted a win for the pro-austerity party, even though such polls, within two weeks of election, are banned in Greece. The BBC serves as a major influence in deciding many countries’ election results, manipulating minds but, in Greece’s case, quite illegally. Interfering in the elections of other countries is nothing new. The rewards are more debt slavery and plunder.
It was the BBC that reported, on 9/11, the collapse of a World Trade Centre tower 26 minutes before it occurred. It gives you some indication of how cravenly immoral the Beeb actually is.
They want to keep Greece in the straitjacket of debt slavery because that would serve the interests of Wall Street. The Greek people would then be consigned to perpetual poverty to pay off debts, in reality, the results of fraud and criminal acts committed elsewhere.
Who are these financial gangsters that exert so much influence over governments and can decide which country is up and which country is down? What is this imposed system of debt slavery and why do we permit large-scale usury, a practice condemned and proscribed in two mainstream religions, Islam and Christianity?
The Rothschilds took over the Bank of England in 1815 and, ever since, continued to expand and encroach upon nations everywhere in the world where corrupt political leaders would accept the offer of massive loans at exorbitant interest rates ... loans which can never be paid. This is the secret of the Rothschilds’ ultimate control .... the iron grip of usury whereby the borrower is permanently in debt and must, in perpetuity, meet all the conditions of the money-lenders. Remember the story of Shylock in The Merchant of Venice who demanded his pound of flesh on the failure of debt repayment.
The central banks of various nations, involved in bail-outs with strings attached, are nearly all Rothschild-controlled private banks. A list of them would flow over the edge of this page. The list includes the European Central Bank, the Bank of England, Deutsche Bundesbank, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Central Bank of Russia, every central bank in Africa and in South America ... and much more. Include the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank of International Settlements and you get the full picture. They are all in debt to the Rothschild family. If anyone thinks that central banks are independent institutions serving their nations, do not be deceived. They are illegally created private banks owned solely by the Rothschilds, created over a period of more than 200 years.
If you want an explanation why we have had these successive wars over the last few decades then consider this: before the destruction of the World Trade Centre, there were seven central banks not under Rothschild control. These were Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Sudan, Cuba, Iran and North Korea. Now there are only three, including the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
While NATO was fuelling civil war in Libya, the Rothschilds had set up their own bank in Benghazi ready for a take-over. They wanted Gaddafi out because he promoted the idea of a pan-African monetary union with the Gold Dinar as the reserve currency, independent of the globalist usurers and, of course, against the controlling interests of the Rothschild model of international banking.
They had previously operated in similar fashion in Iraq and Afghanistan. If you want to know what these wars were all about then look no further than the words on this page.
The war on Islam (erroneously termed the “war on terrorism”) is a proxy war declared by the Rothschilds upon the whole of Islam ... because Islam forbids usury, the system of charging interest on loans. Usury is also forbidden in the Holy Bible and was prohibited by the Christian churches until a few centuries ago, much to their eternal shame and disgrace.
The Rothschilds want to establish their own usury-based bank in Iran. The oil is secondary. With the enormous influence the super-wealthy Rothschilds exert over publishing and the media around the world, the power of press, television and so on, is brought to bear in order to tell us how evil and dangerous countries like Iran are, creating this false image as a prerequisite for future military conflict and take-over. They did it before and they’ll do it again.
This emphasis on Iran’s nuclear development and its alleged hostile intentions is also the relentless theme of Israel’s war-rattling propaganda. This, from a state that is armed to the teeth with over two hundred nuclear war heads, financed largely by the tax payers of the United States.
On the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday, June 17, Peter Mandelson, close friend of Nat Rothschild, stated, “We are not masters of economic events in our own country”. The characteristic wry smile gave the game away. Mandelson was being uncommonly candid, a trait you do not often see in most of our politicians. Mandelson is fond of holidaying at Rothschild’s private Corfu resort and on his luxury yacht there, alongside our very own Chancellor, George Osborne, where deals were struck with Russian oligarchs and other shady activities. As an insider within the money power, Mandelson’s statement regarding us not being masters of our own economy can be taken as entirely authentic and factual.
This throws up the question of the validity of democracy and the entire party political system in thrall to the financial power of the Rothschilds. It throws up the question of the integrity of all governments who have misled the people into believing that government is the “master of economic events”, with each successive party in power serving the banking system above the interests of the broad masses of the people.
The way out is as we have always said. In order to break the chains of debt slavery and the system of global usury that keeps each nation bound to them, we must strive for the alternative that is Europe a Nation.
That alternative will be revolutionary in the truest sense. It will demand an entirely new way of thinking so that politics itself will be turned on its head. Not so much a method of government but an economic idea that liberates men and nations. Money must revert to its original purpose which is as a means of exchange, pure and simple, and not as a phantom currency created by private banks out of thin air through lending at exorbitant interest rates. The private banks thus controlling the money supply.
European Socialism can only come about through popular will when crisis becomes so deep and severe that the great masses of Europe see no other way out ... at critical mass! It could be done through the present governments of Europe if they had the will but the money power of the Rothschilds is so powerful and the first stirrings from one head of government would mean ordinary people suffering through IMF-directed austerity measures, more severe than the previous conditions.
As separate nations divided against each other, we are helpless and vulnerable. This is a concept completely lost on the reactionary right wing nationalists who oppose complete European unity. I have always said nationalism is the enemy of Europe.
End this rotten and corrupt international banking system by creating your own banking system within Europe, of Europe and for the European peoples alone. A European Central Bank, relieved of Rothschild control, would supply credit where it is really needed and the money supply would be firmly within the control of elected government.
Banking should serve the people and not the other way round.
We must also have a fiscal and monetary policy controlled by European government whereby the supply of money is such that it is neither too much nor too little for the development of an economy. Too much money in the system not matched by production would lead to inflation ... less money in the system would, of course, lead to deflation.
Today, bankers can move money in and out of countries, often having a detrimental effect upon those countries. It does this through operating within the international trading system, supplying the money for this competitive trade. They control us this way.
We say end this system of international trade whereby financiers supply money to it and can so easily withdraw it. The creation of a self-contained European economic system with political leadership would remove the power of international finance simply by our withdrawing from international trade and thus becoming insulated from world markets.
We could create our own banking system which would cease to be international finance. Creative finance would then serve the European people.

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