Thursday, 3 September 2009

by Peter Kendall

(published in European Action No 23)

Sir Oswald Mosley is almost invariably described as ‘Britain’s war-time fascist leader’ but how could he have possibly led the British Union of Fascists in wartime when he was in prison and unable to communicate with the world outside? How could there have been a mainstream fascist movement when the majority of Blackshirts had enlisted to fight for their country in 1939? Mosley certainly did oppose another European war but left his followers in no doubt: once the die had been cast it was everyone’s duty to fight for king and country as he had in the 1914-1918 conflict.
He had no illusions. When the politicians and international bankers wanted war they usually got their way – and it was then the common man who had to fight and perish as death and misery piled up across Europe. Bravery, chivalry and self-sacrifice were not restricted to one side and there were finally no genuine military victories – only financial gain and initiation of dark influences seeking to destroy European culture and traditions, replacing the great European composers with punk rock and stealing great European advances in aerospace and a hundred other technical advances that Mosley said might provide prosperity to the European peoples.
The Bell X15 supersonic aircraft was not designed in America – it was designed in a small aerospace firm on the outskirts of Reading, Berkshire (Miles Aircraft). The supersonic flight research exchange was one-way. The British gave over their research but the Americans then refused to honour their side of the agreement in the interests of their ‘national security’. That is how incompetent Mosley’s ‘tired old men’ were – they simply gave away Britain’s lead in aerospace technology, totally mismanaging the exchange so that Britain was cheated.
Much the same could be said about German missile technology taken forcibly from Europe after the 1939-45 conflict. Try as they might, the dark forces cannot prevent the words of historians and politicians of the 1930s, still proving Mosley right - they have managed to ban free speech but not books, at least not yet. Any thinking person can reasonably judge that the misery and social injustice of the 1930s pre-war depression could have been avoided by implementing Mosley’s economic plans. Hitler and Mussolini did provide their peoples with a solution to mass unemployment – but the London Stock Exchange resisted Government initiatives to recruit labour battalions because it would have been against the interests of the big company shareholders to enable the masses to earn money.
The British Union of Fascists is still heavily criticized for its associations with Hitler, Mussolini and Franco but pre-war European fascists had one common political aim: to improve living standards of the masses, expel the exploiters and halt the creeping disease of communism in Europe. European counter-communist political movements were essential in defeating the common enemy in the 1930s and to bring back prosperity and full employment. The last nine years in British politics have shown us how the Reds work: atheism, perversion, 1984-style control of the individual and major financial mismanagement. Consider the hunger marches, unemployment and social hardships of Britain in the 1930s and ask the question, “What possible reason could there ever have been to commit this generation to an all-out war because of Poland?”
Who had been so recklessly insane to conclude a treaty of guarantee to Poland – and what common interests did the British Empire have with Eastern Europe? The freedom of the Polish people had nothing to do with the September 1939 declaration of war against Germany. The Polish people were sold down the river in the Potsdam conferences and their nation subjugated by the Reds. Freedom proved to be an exotic dream for the half century following the war under the Soviet jackboot. In this context, there had been nothing to fight for – Britain was mortally wounded for no good reason. In one sense, we lost the war.
The war-time leaders knew that the game would be up if the British public knew of the Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland and of the crimes the NKVD had perpetrated against humanity – Polish warriors died at Arnhem, at Monte Casino and a thousand other battlefields in British uniforms while Allied leaders agreed to Poland being swallowed up after the conflict. At the same time, these same leaders concealed discovery of mass graves in the Katyn Forest and mass murders of the Kulak classes. Delivery of Poland to the USSR after the conflict had already been planned well before the war ended when Polish soldiers spilled their blood fighting for the Britain they trusted. Was it really the will of the British people to enter into war in the first place? Would they have agreed to a betrayal of Poland, the forced return of Cossacks and Yugoslavs to the Soviets? Or did international forces decide for us as they did in the case of Iraq?
In fact, Mosley’s immortal words continue to ring with absolute truth. Governance of Britain, he maintained, was nothing to do with the British government – it was governance by the international bankers headed by the Wall Street financial thugs and the legions of the world's banks and the faceless figures who run them. The power of unlimited money determined that Britain should go to war against the very European population with whom they had so much in common. Clearly, an Anglo-German alliance would have had a moderating influence after the 1918 European disaster – but it would have failed to make vast fortunes for the international arms manufacturers – it was nothing to do with Poland but rather engineered for profit and for a major power shift towards America and its small ally in the Middle East.
Big money continues to fuel the third world sweat shop industries, engineered to turn out disposable goods for the opulent nations of the world, while depressing traditional domestic skills and wage levels in Europe. Big money also continues to use the European peoples in their reckless gambles such as buying up debt. As my fellow European Action contributor Dermont Clark so eloquently wrote in the March/April edition, “Banking should serve the people”. In fact, Mr Clark’s opinion is proved absolutely right by recent history. A large section of British banking did serve the British people – the traditional mutually-owned building societies imposed sensible lending limits, thus ensuring that greed would not end in families being thrown onto the streets. But the sharks moved in, sensing blood in the water in the form of unprincipled profit margins. They were determined to end the Mutual organisations that operated exclusively for the benefit of their investors and mortgaged customers.
Building societies did not need shareholders and did not participate in wild gambling. In all probability, mutual societies were consequently considered blasphemous by the big corporations who moved in to devour most of the decency and prudence of the long-established societies. At the same time, the politicians moved in to end tax relief on both mortgages and on marital status. The ordinary citizen should not be helped to put a roof over his family’s heads or to afford a decent standard of living for his children. If he dared dream of buying a home, then he would have to sweat blood in paying taxes for it.
Bear in mind governments give nothing in offering tax relief – they merely fail to take money away from its rightful owner. The resulting financial institutions threw caution to the wind in the hopes of enormous gains. They put away the conservative methods of mortgage provision and introduced the free for all attitudes of the nineties, buying up questionable international debt and offering self-certificated mortgage applications or 150 per cent loans when easy money was limitless. They all went along with the greed: local authorities, the government and the banks. Flog everything –the utility companies, our traditional productive industries, coal and steel. Blue the North Sea fuel wealth in the interests of quick money and voter popularity. No longer was borrowing linked to incomes – if people borrowed too much, why worry? Their properties could easily be re-possessed and the breathtaking appreciation in property values used to recover any losses: credit card companies adopted the same blackmail techniques: you can have as much credit as you want - provided you put your home on the line.
The international bankers had some smart moves tucked up their sleeves selling packaged debt. What an absolute contrast Mosley’s plans offered the people: the generation of European industries backed by the purchasing power of the Europeans. He was horrified at Third World sweat shops that treated indigenous populations as animals, beasts of burden, while spreading the curse of unemployment throughout our European nation. He was so right in suggesting that the West Indian plantations should be properly financed – given prosperity, the inhabitants would never have wanted to live in these cold, sad islands and immigration might not have ever reached crisis proportions. Even now, the government pours billions into failed banks and arranges so-called ‘shotgun marriages’ to save the institutions that have choked on their own greed and particularly if they are in Scotland. The British government never even thought of bringing back the old mutual institutions to ensure that families would not lose their homes.
British politicians do not fight for the British people – they serve the international bankers and if these mysterious dark powers had wanted Britain to adopt the Euro – we would have been in the Euro-zone before you could say ‘Gordon Brown’. Within the context of the 1920s and 1930s, Mosley was right to ally himself with Hitler and Mussolini. Before total all-out war was engineered, both leaders brought full employment to their peoples. Both opposed the advance of Soviet communism, a fight that the post-war Western nations had to continue from 1945 until 1989. Those who rejected Mosley’s conviction that Westminster was run by the ‘tired old men’ of British politics, might do well to consider the present circumstances. Recently, a Downing Street website was deliberately designed to ‘smear’ opposition political figures. The perpetrators had the nerve to name their website after the Red Flag. Is this really where the so-called Mother of all Parliaments has ended up? Do the long-suffering, tolerant British people really deserve this financial and moral decline in politics?
How could Mosley possibly be judged as an extremist when he put his finger on the very organisms that have now developed into a full-blown fatal disease? Suddenly last year, Mosley was again proved right as the international bankers pressed their luck too far and began to go to the wall. But the radical reforms he proposed were again swept under the carpet. Do not worry if the banks and Westminster had been reckless, there was always the taxpayer to fall back on and there was still plenty of capital to fund gigantic pension pots and bonuses for poor performance. Those who had lost pensions and the widows surviving on meagre pensions could whistle for any rise in basic living standards. All the Flash Harry characters in the City and in Westminster have to take precedence – that is why British state pensions are the lowest in the developed world, why the British government has ruined the pensions industry by over taxation and lack of regulation, why Britain imposes the highest tax burden on the lower earnings sector and why our local taxes have more than doubled under Labour: the heaviest local tax in the whole of the European community.
Europe a Nation? Good God, no! We could never afford tax harmonisation and the British people have already found out far too much about European living standards – who knows, they might even demand the same standards for themselves! British taxpayers – what perfect investors! They never choose which investments to make or dictate any policy. It is an absolute nonsense to cite local or national elections as instruments of democratic change or policy determination. British elections are mad illogical games played by all-colluding professional politicians and simply do not express the wishes of the British people.
If the banks or the current administration go into the red, billions will be immediately supplied by the taxpayer provided the country has not been bankrupted in the meantime: there will be no annual general meetings or referenda to gauge opinion or to vote politicians off the board. The former postman, cruise ship steward and parson’s son can decide the vital national issues, doubtless assisted by the rag-bag of feminists and other extremists and perverts that Blair used to hoodwink the electorate. After all, the clown in charge has banished the boom and bust cycle and has subsequently saved the world, what more do we want? – how modest Baron Brown von Munchausen now appears to be!
The present administration is in power by virtue of a 35 per cent majority, made legitimate through the ‘first past the post’ electoral system that divides the nation into non-proportional geographic segments. Political movements are also restricted. Only two almost bankrupt organisations are allowed with a third force kept in line by the banning of proportional representation. Democracy yes, new leftist parties yes, but never anything right of centre. The British people will be told who will govern and there will never be an issue decided by the whole population.
Decentralisation and devolution are nonsense terms used by the very politicians that keep Britain a divided nation. Mosley was so right in advocating the end of Westminster because the bodies that he proposed for the new administration would truly serve the people. His vision of an NHS governed by a panel of physicians and nursing professionals still makes good sense – the leading medical experts would never have allowed the dried human blood on walls and floors or minimised expenditure on hygiene. There would be no stench of stale urine or used syringes left on bedside cabinets. Qualified British nurses and doctors would have led the field – not incompetent so-called managers and a rag-tag host from overseas, often with bogus qualifications. His proposed system would have made the majority of present hospital infections virtually impossible. The Panel would have known how to keep wards clean and how best to provide patient care – hospitals would have been built here most needed and not as political sweeteners. Instead of recruiting questionable medical staff from the Third World, Britain would have continued to send well-trained the doctors and nurses so badly needed abroad. The Labour government has been exposed. It is now clear that Britain is ruled by a gang of vicious, sleazy opportunists who have no respect for either decency, freedom, prosperity or democracy. The opposition parties offer nothing better, particularly as discussing vital issues have been banned. Mosley's views have been vindicated and proved right. Who knows if Gordon Brown’s desperation to cling on to power will allow him to concede a General Election next year (President Mugabe shows the way forward for despot). Blair and Brown have allowed Westminster to descend into the politics of the gutter with Downing Street now rightly described as a cesspit. The British people would benefit by reading Mosley’s aims and to dismiss the continual vilification. They will never be called upon to fight for Poland but they might have to fight for a return to decent governance and restoration of the right to their own nation. Britain has always favoured reform and debate but now we edge towards the abyss where a 1939 fighting spirit will be needed – this time in exclusive defence of the British. Let us be prepared to face the challenge and to make the sacrifice.

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