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EDITORIAL - European Socialist Action No 54

Why is America Soft on 'Islamic' State?

September/October 2014

American air strikes have proven futile in terms of halting the mercenary terrorist group going under the moniker of Islamic State. Why? Because the Americans do not really want to halt Islamic State or ISIS, the acronym to which it is referred.

ESA No 45, March/April 2013
We said it then ...

I will cut to the chase. Like Al-Qa’eda, Islamic State is an invention of the CIA and other intelligence agencies. Terrorists run by the CIA are not new. They were used in Libya and elsewhere. The Americans used Osama bin Laden as a CIA operative in Afghanistan when pushing out the Russians.

They say Islamic State is financially supported by Qatar and one or two other despotic Arab states. In fact, a few wealthy people in Qatar partly bankroll it but the real control comes from the United States. They set it up in the first place as part of the opposition to President Assad of Syria.

The threat of Islamic terror is a lie from the very beginning and it is at the heart of the United States agenda of conquest and perpetual war ... war without end.

Britain and other countries in the European Union are little more than occupied states, press-ganged into a military/political alliance called NATO. In fact, NATO has become the military wing of an American-led Europe, right up the borders of Turkey and Syria.

We are all under the cosh from a foreign super power that is driven by a desire to enslave every country in the world ... the final and complete Americanisation of the globe.

The elite that runs the United States wants control of every drop of oil on the planet because it is the life blood of the American Empire. This has been proven time and again.

They pretend to wage war against evil. This is the greatest irony. The fact is, the United States uses evil in order to pursue American interests.

All the jihadist groups with titles like Islamic State, ISIS, Al-Qa’eda and Al-Nusra are not only creations of the CIA but they are used and manipulated by the United States in order to de-stabilise states of which they disapprove.

Up to the border with Russia, the CIA created false flag destabilisation in Ukraine by setting up a violent and armed neo-Nazi opposition to a democratically elected president there. They tried to blame the shooting down of flight MH-17 over East Ukraine on the Russians. That was before an investigation had even began. It was a CIA false flag operation.

The American imperialists supported the brutal attack on Gaza, blaming Hamas. The murder of three Israelis teenagers was blamed on them. It cost the lives of over 2,000 Palestinians. The United States said nothing.

Wherever the Americans have been involved in regime change (illegal under international law) the subsequent chaos is perpetuated. Not one of these states has been rebuilt as a stable democracy. That’s the last thing the Americans want.

They know there is no such thing as democracy. The political and financial elite in America is the very antithesis of rule by all the people. It is the rule of wealth and of power.

The beheading of a few Americans and British by Islamic State is used by the United States as an alibi for massive military intervention in Syria and Iraq. Before these recent beheadings, Syrians were beheaded on a regular basis by the same terrorist groups for years, openly encouraged by the anti-Assad West. The media was very silent about it then.

The reason Islamic State is not being pushed back is because the Americans do not want their own terrorist foot-soldiers stopped. They want to use them to not only topple Syria but to go further towards Iran later. Terrorists and death squads now replace American boots on the ground.

The worst thing about all this is that the masses of the people believe the distorted version in their papers and on TV. The awful truth is that the United States and our government only pretend to wage war on evil because it is an evil that they created themselves in order to bring more misery upon the world.

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