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Jeffrey Hamm is honoured here on this Welsh heritage site. He was intensely proud to be Welsh. His eloquence as a public speaker can be attributable to the Welsh love of prose.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

False 'European' Flags

by Robert Edwards

Published in European Action No 18, September/October 2008

A reader sends me a copy of part of a newsletter from the miniscule Dagenham-based neo-nazi group, the League of St George. This two men and a dog outfit are imposters, using the slogan ‘Europe a Nation’ in a complete distortion of Oswald Mosley’s grand vision.
Europe a Nation, as most readers of this paper know, means the complete integration of Europe as a single political and economic force. There is nothing equivocal about that. ... and definitely no compromise.
However, the League of St George Führer idol worshippers have latched onto news of a recent press conference in Vienna convened by an alliance of extreme nationalist parties including representatives from Austria’s Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, the Vlaams Belang from Belgium, Jean Marie Le Pen’s Front National and the obscure Ataka party from Bulgaria. All of them are Euro-sceptic to the core. Heinz-Christian Strache of the FPÖ declared, “We call on patriots of all European countries to unite behind our banner, only together can we solve our problems”. These problems, incidentally, concern Muslims and immigration but little else.
Groupings within the European Parliament regularly form themselves into working blocs with titles that imply solidarity but all these groups are nothing more than very loose confederations of separate parties. The recent call for ‘solidarity’ is nothing but a substitute for the failed ‘Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty’ group (ITS). It failed because it was extreme nationalist to a man (and woman) and therefore basically hostile to a truly united Europe. The constituent parties had few other things in common. A spat between Alessandra Mussolini MEP and the Romanian Partidul Romania More finished it off.
The parties involved in the latest call for solidarity on ‘certain issues’ come from the same stable and are as far away from Mosley’s idea of Europe a Nation as UKIP is from the present-day European Union.
Incidentally, the ‘Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty’ group set up a few years ago in order to qualify for a big EU cash handout was composed of ... wait for it ... Front National of France, the Flemish Vlaams Belang, Austrian Freiheitliche Partei Österreichs, Alterniva Sociale and Movimento Sociale Flamma Tricolore — the same people, more or less. (See Letters Page of EA, No 10, May/June 2007). That group also included UKIP renegade, Ashley Mote MEP.
The League of St George has twisted it all to imply that a ‘patriotic European political party’ is about to be launched and compares it to the Conference of Venice in 1962 which launched the National Party of Europe. It is nothing of the sort. The LSG neo-nazis have never understood the true meaning of Europe a Nation and use it as an occasional slogan for the bringing together of far-right reactionary nationalist groups that have a long record of saying, “No to Europe”. Islamophobia is their only common thread, as with the League.
Europe a Nation will never be built by the far-right because Mosley’s concept transcended both left and right in today’s politics. Essentially, it means an extension of patriotism, beyond the old nation-states ... which these far-right groups are incapable of embracing.
The League of St George ‘Aryan supermen’ like to call themselves fascists which displays a complete ignorance of Mosley’s position after 1945. When he first declared ‘Europe a Nation’ in 1948 he made it clear that he had gone beyond both fascism and the old-style democracy to a new synthesis based on full European unity. For that reason, anyone who promotes ‘fascism’ is going against the post-war idea and the essence of it, Europe a Nation. We are post-fascist in every sense of the term.
Only European Action, with its promotion of the idea for a National Party of Europe, remains true to the cause for which many of us fought. We can do without these imposters who were never with us and these ten narrow nationalist groups within Europe because ten pygmies do not a giant make.

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Say No To Obama

by Robert Edwards
Published in European Action No 20

Late last year a British Government official said, “It will be very difficult to refuse any request from the United States with the new President in the person of Barack Obama”. There is a word that begins with N and ends with O. It is the easiest word in the English language and one that is strongly advised to any lady in distress, being pestered by, for example, a sex fiend. We should all have that choice under any other circumstances and that goes for British governments being pestered by American war mongers.
Barack Hussein Obama was hyped up by the Western media as a fresh change to the old order in Washington. His racial background suggested something revolutionary with all the media flash-backs to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960s and beyond. Millions of voters were conned that way because Obama is a complete fraud.
We could see this when he began to pick his team for the White House. It was said that Obama did not choose his aides but that his aides chose him. His chief of staff is Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli citizen, an ‘Israel First’ Zionist who served in the Israeli army. His father, Dr Benjamin Emanuel, is even more horrifying, having served in the Jewish terrorist group the Irgun during the 1931-1948 war against the Arabs and the British in Palestine. This is what Benjamin Emanuel had to say after his son was chosen:
In an interview with the Israeli paper, Ma'ariv, he was sure that his son's appointment would benefit Israel. “Obviously he will influence the President to be pro-Israel", he said. "Why wouldn't he be? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to clean the floors of the White House”. This, from a man whose terrorist group bombed the King David Hotel and tortured and hanged British soldiers in the orange groves. The reference to Arabs is highly derogatory and reflects the Jewish supremacist view that Zionists have of, say, the Palestinians. Why should his son feel differently?
A fine beginning, you would say, but before Obama could enjoy a tour round the Oval Office as the guest of the then incumbent, Rahm Emanuel was forced to apologise on behalf of his arrogant father. Arab American organisations had raised holy hell, reminding him of their electoral support for Obama and the Muslim vote in general.
This is how the Arab/American and Muslim vote for Obama was thrown back in their faces. They must now regret having placed their trust in the man who promised big changes. It is nothing of the sort, of course. It is the same servile pro-Israel agenda as with the previous administrations, totally in thrall to the Jewish lobby in the United States and its immense financial clout.
Then there is the race issue. We have examples in Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice, both of them having enjoyed key positions and both putting the knife into the Arab world while doing somersaults for Israel. Why was it so difficult to imagine a person of negro ancestry in the office of President after those two?
A couple of white supremacists were caught in a bungled amateur conspiracy to assassinate Obama but the world continued on its axis as usual. There was no other fuss concerning negro origins. The misplaced euphoria was to die down as the facts emerged.
But that does not mean the blacks in America now rule that nation. Obama has sworn to back Israel up to the hilt and he surrounds himself with fervent pro-Israel advisers and administrators. The same power will hold sway in the White House.
As I write, the Israelis have begun their military offensive in Gaza killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians. Interestingly, the response from Obama has been strangely muted. I say ’strangely’ because he had much to say as the honoured guest at AIPAC (The American Israel Public Affairs Committee) meetings, the main Jewish lobby organisation in the United States. Here, Presidents of the United States must come along to prostrate themselves before a power, both financial and political, that can elevate or seal the fate of the careers of those reaching for the top. Obama’s reported ambivalence was swept away when he declared that America would stand by Israel through thick and thin, that it was America’s obligation to support Israel no matter what ... and, most significantly, that it would seek to preserve Israel as a JEWISH STATE. Those were his words that earned him rapturous applause at this Jewish lobby gathering, the purpose of which was to endorse Obama as a true friend of Israel. Using the word ’Jewish’ in this context suggested he knew exactly the right buttons to push. His new advisers serve him well.
It is now recognised by most people that America is unable to place any kind of pressure on Israel, in order to prevent the excesses of this brutal state and, further, that the United Nations is as ineffectual as the old League of Nations, formed after the First World War. This, despite the countless resolutions passed by the UN in condemning this serial violator of human rights. Israel simply adopts its stony-faced attitude of “mind your own business - we are only protecting ourselves - don’t interrupt the massacre of these dangerous Arabs”.
The world’s reaction to the latest air strikes by American-built F16 bomber aircraft on civilian areas had been very encouraging and noticeably vocal around the world where Palestinian solidarity groups continue to flourish despite the Zionist propaganda machine in the Western media. Incidentally, the use by Israel of F-16 bombers and the Apache gun-ship helicopters against civilians was only made possible through American grant aids amounting to $3 billion of US taxpayers’ money given away annually. Only recently, a deal was struck with the Raytheon Corporation to supply Israel with thousands of bunker-busting missiles. All of this makes the United States directly complicit in Israel’s murderous activities.
Surely all this violates America’s own laws on arms sales legislation, specifically the Arms Export Control Act that specifically prohibits the export sale of arms for purposes other than use within a country’s borders for its own self-defence.
Nothing that has happened recently can possibly be described as meeting that criterion. Since when were targets such as TV broadcasting stations, universities, police stations and residential areas qualified to be areas for ‘self defence’ attack. They are not and never could be. This was a clear violation of US law and the United States knew this before it occurred.
The claim is that Hamas is completely responsible for rocket attacks into Israel from Gaza and so Hamas is allegedly targeted specifically, even though they are only ‘suspected’ of operating within densely populated civilian areas. That is the morally feeble alibi for mass murder on a wide military scale.
The complicity of the United States is total when you consider that they knew this military attack on Palestinian civilians was to take place before it occurred. This has been confirmed and the implications are unthinkable. How deep and how thorough is Jewish Zionist influence within the US Administration and what difference can Obama bring in his new exalted position as Commander in Chief? Israel’s crimes are the crimes of the United States ... and heavily in league within other areas such as non-compliance with signing up to international war crimes tribunals (the World Court) for the trying of war criminals from many recent conflicts around the world. Both Israel and the United States could fill countless defence stands at The Hague, cramming the place with the most monstrous specimens of sub-humanity but they avoid that possibility like the plague.
Then there is the use of the American veto used constantly in the Security Council of the United Nations whenever another country attempts to censure Israel. It is like a knee-jerk reaction that does not require any real consideration from them. It is automatic. If the veto threat does not work then there is raw, naked military aggression that has made the lives of innocent millions a complete misery (nay, a hell) — all because the United States will never allow Israel to be brought to account for the violations they are both a party to and for which they never offer any apology.
For all that, there is a solidarity movement around the world that does not forget the terrible plight of the Palestinians and especially those in the concentration camp that is Gaza. It is militant and it can bring thousands onto the streets to demonstrate before the eyes of the world. This positive response is especially so in the United States where its new President turns his head away for the benefit of his Zionist collaborators. How does an incoming President handle the Middle East with the Zionists in the White House pulling all his strings? He ignores it ... so far!
After all, he has inherited the worst recession since the Thirties and it is getting worse. Most of those caught out defrauding on a massive scale during this time are Jews. The American economy is in free-fall, collapsing before our very eyes with three out of five of its largest banks wiped out as a result of the world economic crisis. Millions have lost their savings, unemployment is set to rise even further and prices are rocketing. With Ford and General Motors on the brink of liquidation, many more will be thrown onto the human scrap-heap. America is ripe for civil war.
Obama could then say he has more pressing matters than the events in Gaza as the United States lurches like the Titanic after hitting an iceberg. Alas, the new President will not be able to deliver the changes he promised for, by Spring, the crisis will have worsened to the point that the Dollar will be replaced as the world regulatory currency. It has been predicted by political scientists that America will then disintegrate as a direct consequence.
Other countries, notably China and Russia along with Europe, will reform the world’s financial systems. China’s gold reserves amount to over $2 trillion, being the world’s largest creditor to the United States. America’s role as the only global superpower will come to an end as a result of this economic collapse with others only too ready to change the rules for a new power game to be played out on a more level playing field.
With the United States reduced to a fractured set of impoverished autonomous states, the position of Israel will become very precarious, to say the least. This will make it even more volatile and an increased danger to the region. Therefore, there must be a push for a political solution with the full weight of a united Arab world behind it ... the one-state solution being the only meaningful path to peace — meaning the dismantling of the JEWISH STATE, which has never meant anything other than Jewish supremacy in the region. Let us hope that it will be a secular Palestine returned to all who belong in it by history and by tradition, which means Palestinian!
President Obama’s final act will be the maintenance of the ‘special relationship’ with Britain, so long a collaborator in war crimes in both Iraq and Afghanistan. British governments have always felt an obligation to America when it comes to offering the helping hand. Sometimes this verges on the embarrassingly compliant in a sort of inferior servile way.
Recently, British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband, could not bring himself to condemn Israel nor to admit that military retaliation was disproportionate. This is the man who once said that anyone who attacks ‘his people’ would have to answer to him. No, not the British people ... but the Jewish people, meaning Israel. How he would fit in so nicely in the Oval Office performing little tricks in the style of Tony Blair, rolling over to have his belly tickled in an ecstatic display of solidarity with his Zionist brethren.
America, having lost the war in Iraq, is pulling out to saturate Afghanistan with military personnel, its presence being to serve as guardians of the proposed pipelines from the Caspian Sea area. Never mind the rubbish about the ‘war on terror’. They want more British troops there, as well, and the onus is completely on our very own Gordon Brown who will no doubt oblige despite previous pledges to withdraw sometime this year.
Just for once, he should say NO and break for ever this subservience to American interests. He owes it to those British soldiers who have died in vain, died for the unscrupulous oil executives who plotted these wars from the very beginning. Again and again, we say our true interests and our loyalties

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