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Why Europe Should Unite as a Super Power

Beyond the old ideas of nation-states within our fractured and divided Europe ... towards a new political and economic system for our Europe united and free

by Robert Edwards 

(ESA No 42 September/October 2012)

The  first thing we need to do, in relation to Europe, is clearly define our position regarding European identity. Why do we claim to be European above all other considerations and why do we feel justified in proclaiming complete European integration to be the only constructive way forward?
We begin from the premise that Europeans have so much in common in terms of cultural, artistic and scientific achievement, that we must come together in order to preserve our unique civilisation. We are also very similar in ethnic terms but we also rejoice in the great diversity of types that complement each other. From the Nordic to the Mediterranean, we share the same history of achievement and, on those broadest of terms, we find the basis for fraternal solidarity. We call it European brotherhood.
This European identity is further enforced and affirmed by the great tragedy of war and internecine conflict. What greater motive for coming together in common purpose than to push aside national differences that had, too often, led to massive slaughter on battle fields, most often in the pursuit of economic advantage. By coming together as Europeans we end, for all time, the possibilities of future wars between Europeans.
When the greatest European in modern history was released from detention during the last months of the Second World War, this was his first observation. He said the worst were ever united but the best were ever divided. The worst, of course, being the jackals of war that profited from the second European conflict in the Twentieth Century. They destroyed both Germany and the British Empire. Europe was carved up between East and West while America and Russia occupied our continent throughout the Cold War. The best were then more divided than they ever were.
There should be a lesson to be learned from that but still we have separate states with separate national agendas, each of them vying for an advantage over their neighbours. The phrase ‘European Union’ remains a misnomer rather than the reality it should be. Why do we have this situation? I am going to point the finger of accusation firmly in the direction of the United States, currently attempting to expand its imperialist agenda as the world’s only military super power (global cop?) joined at the hip to Israel, also armed to the teeth, mainly by the American taxpayer. The United States hates the idea of Europe as one, with its own government and its own foreign policy. Furthermore, it clings to that Cold War set-up, NATO, in order to lead Europeans by the nose in its illegal military incursions. They fear Europe having its own defence system independent of the United States. This would, of course, leave the United States considerably weakened with the potential of becoming isolated. Can you imagine a Hilary Clinton without an obedient William Hague, that droning, servile, monotone mouthpiece for Washington and Tel Aviv? David Cameron and Nick Clegg went off on holiday to Spain and left him in charge. It is who pulls Hague’s strings that should worry us most.
Hague’s recent attacks upon the European Union and Britain’s relation to it leave us in no doubt that he is firmly in the pay of Europe’s enemies.
It was under George W. Bush that the doctrine of ‘Old Europe and New Europe’ was first created. Rather than allow Europe to integrate as one, the Americans sought to undermine this by reaching out to the newly-emerged former communist states, bribing and placing pressure on them for the purpose of buying permanent bases in Russia’s backyard. They dubbed these economically weaker states ‘New Europe’, thus implying ‘Old Europe’ (Western Europe) could be treated differently and separately. How’s that for dirty tricks? Divide and rule by Pax Americana.
European Action says, there should be no American military presence anywhere in Europe and, this presence should, henceforth, be regarded as a subversion of European territory and, thus, an illegal act of invasion. We thought the Cold War had ended but the American imperialists are still here with new ‘Checkpoint Charleys’, all ready for a new Cold War with ‘enemies’ of their own making. The CIA mindset infects all discussion on who or what is a threat to “the American way of life” and “if you are not with us then you must be against us”. We do not buy this oversimplified blackmail. Let me make it even more simple: we oppose you. ... period.
Our European identity shall be defined by our opposition to American imperialism in all its forms. Above all, we should never permit the Americans to play their games within Europe, buying off corrupt leaders with large financial hand-outs and dividing us still further. European politics is a matter for Europeans only. Or so it should be.
Our European identity is also determined by the necessity to build a new economic order independent of the present global structures. By this, we mean an end to the system of international finance controlled and manipulated by cartels of private bankers. This was discussed in the previous issue of European Socialist Action (No 41), the publication of European Action, in the front page article, WE MUST END THIS BANKERS’ RACKET.
The need for a single European economy with a European government controlling our own money supply could not be more obvious and necessary. This means an exclusively European banking system in the service of Europeans. All banking should be nationalised for this purpose. This can only be achieved on a large scale within an area large enough to sustain such a policy ... and that area is Europe! As OM would say, “Little England could never work”.
Have you noticed how right wing nationalists in this country never discuss these issues? They want “out of Europe”. Are they going to hire some tug boats and pull us across the Atlantic towards what they deem to be their true allies fighting ‘the Muslim threat to the West’? They talk of ‘Western values’ as if we share so much with America. Right wing nationalists love America rather than Europe. They prefer to be the servile ‘partner’ to Uncle Sam and deceive themselves with nonsense about a special relationship. The Americanised patriot is alive and well in the BNP and the EDL.
Who was it who said, “We have nothing in common with America apart from a language ... but we have everything in common with Europeans apart from language”? The first part is only partially true as correct and proper English still remains our prerogative.
I picked up the phone recently to learn that someone wants to offer me a good deal with a privatised utility company. I suggested he should get a proper job producing wealth and that I am fine with my current provider. I was very polite. He tells me he served in Iraq and this is the only job he can get. We got a bit friendly and he opened up his heart on matters to do with the world situation. It was then that I was given a deep insight into how far our soldiers are brainwashed. He would not accept that Britain should not have coalesced in the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, even with all the facts thrown at him. His most revealing statement, after asking why he was there, was, “We have to support our allies”. We did not do that in Vietnam so why should we be the all too-willing accomplices in the recent batch of war crimes? The Americans were never our allies ... it is America first and last with them. The naivety of some of our own people is astounding.
The Twentieth Century is the shameful century of slaughter on an unprecedented scale which nearly destroyed Europe on two occasions. The causes of the two major world wars are still being discussed by historians around the world and, as time marches on, we become less hidebound by the impact of the old war propaganda immediately post-1945. Having said that, it is perfectly reasonable to consider all the facts leading up to wars and not to simply accept the received standard version. Some people call it ‘historical revisionism’ but we shall use that old legal phrase, ‘taking into consideration all the facts’. That way we avoid association with those whose only interest is the rehabilitation of the Nazis. It seems clear that all sides in war commit atrocities, as they do so today.
We reject, totally, the right wing nationalist claim that their mythical ‘sovereignty’ is threatened by Europe and we equally reject notions of confederation, a half-way house and an obstacle to fully integrated unity. Smaller, separate nations have never had ‘sovereignty’ because they have always been dependent on more powerful external forces. The nationalists are like the blind leading the blind, oblivious to these facts, immersed in myths and legends of heroic deeds of yore but never aware of the realities of predatory international finance.
Most people were inspired by the daily events during the London Olympics. They were organised and arranged to invoke the maximum patriotic fervour, the crowds deafening in their deeply emotional response when a British participant won a medal. The Union flag became a fashion accessory, draped over the shoulders in a victory roll, for all to see. Government ministers were to claim these games would boost the economy and give ‘GB’ a good kick-start. We were given the feel-good factor as more and more people claimed they were so proud to be British as a result.
Well, the economy is still in a state of stagnation and the only change we have experienced is a number of Olympic participants from Third World countries not returning home but are actively seeking asylum. Surprise, surprise! Guess where they come from?
Bike sales will peak and then just as quickly decline to its pre-Olympics level. Patriotic fervour will simply peter out and flying the Union flag will again be regarded as ‘fascist’.
Patriotism is a sentiment used by both the best and the worst in equal measure but those who peddle this feeling for political aims or advantages have been seriously misleading people in Britain.
It is not ‘patriotic’ to claim Britain can go it alone and compete successfully on world markets. It is the most shameless nonsense . Equally, it is the most idiotic nonsense that an ‘independent’ Scotland would be so in the sense that the buffoon Alex Salmond would be the Prime Minister of a new state in complete control of its finances, including the money supply.
Nationalism is the tool of international finance. Why do I say this? Because international finance preys on the chaos of international trade between nations competing, each one attempting to sell more than it imports. A favourable balance of payments, in other words. Separate nations are in a life or death struggle in a situation whereby nations can not all succeed at the same time. Success under these conditions means others losing out. The winners are usually those countries that keep wages down in order to keep costs down. Those who try to do well by their workers do not stand a chance.
Europe should unite as a single political and economic unit, large enough and powerful enough to free itself from the international trading system. In other words, a self-sufficient European socialist state with its own government. Then, at last, the European people determine their own future.

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