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There Is No Such Thing As Anti-Semitism


by Robert Edwards

ESA No 51 (March/April 2014)

The term ‘Semitic’ refers to a family of languages. There is no such thing as a Semitic race as, equally, there is no such thing as an Aryan race. Both terms have been twisted and corrupted by those who wish to re-invent them for their own disreputable agendas.

In Germany in the 1930s, an ‘Aryan’ was, ostensibly, a non-Jewish German. It had no scientific basis whatsoever but it entered the National Socialist lexicon simply as a form of German national identity in opposition to the existence of the Jewish population. The designation was never specific for the simple reason that it had no legitimacy in anthropological terms.

However, the term ‘Semitic’ had a far more wide-ranging impact. The idea that the Jews are a Semitic race became popularised at a time when others wanted to give Jews a racial identity. The fact is, the Jews are not a race, as such, but composed of different strands, the main one having no connection at all to the ancient wandering tribes of the deserts of the Holy Land. The main strand being the central European Ashkenazim, descended from the Khazars, a people of Finno-Turkic stock that flourished around the Caspian Sea area in the Middle Ages. A mass conversion to Judaism occurred for what were fundamentally political reasons.

They had no lineal connection  to the “tribes of Israel”, making a nonsense of the Zionist Law of Return. The only thing that was ‘Semitic’ is the Hebrew language later adopted by the state of Israel, superseding Yiddish as the preferred language of the Ashkenazim of central Europe. Arabic is also a Semitic language, as is Aramaic, the language of Jesus Christ.

I explain all this in order to establish the fact that the term ‘anti-Semitism’ is an entire misnomer. People who hate Jews simply because they are Jews are not ‘anti-Semites’ but Jew-haters or anti-Jewish. They do not hate a family of languages. Why should they?

It is as absurd as saying people who hate Catholics are guilty of anti-Latinism when, in fact, they are simply anti-Catholic. They hate the people or the church but not the language of the traditional Mass.

According to Louis Golding in the Penguin Special The Jewish Problem (published 1938), in 1873, a Hamburg journalist, Wilhelm Marr, published a pamphlet titled The Victory of Judaism over Germanism that became very popular reading at the time. It was Wilhelm Marr who first invented the term “anti-Semitism” to describe this anti-Jewish hostility based on the relations between Jews and non-Jews. He later recanted “with a disgust that made him sick”, according to Golding. But his invented term became the basis of a new movement, using Jew-hatred as a political weapon in 19th century Germany. Bismarck used it to undermine his political opposition, principally the National Liberal party run by the two Jews, Lasker and Bamberger.

Zionism is a 19th century political secular philosophy that based its arguments on the idea that ‘anti-Semitism’ was not only endemic in Europe but is a congenital hereditary disease that infects all Gentiles. They claim it is incurable. Therefore Jews could never be assimilated and needed a homeland in which they would be safe from this dangerous disease, ‘anti-Semitism’. The fact that many European Jews succeeded in assimilating was ignored.

This is not to say that Jewish communities in Eastern Europe and Russia were not persecuted. There were many other persecuted minority groups but the Zionist Jews wanted to be considered a special case ... unique, in fact.

Throughout history you will find entire nations and many religious groups persecuted and the victims of genocide ... from North and South America, along with Africa, to the religious persecutions of Europe with no connection at all to the Jewish experience. We continue to witness genocide in the world today, including the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli Zionists. Torture and murder are integral to Israeli state policy.

‘Anti-Semitism’ has been elevated to a very special position and this position allows the Zionists to wield enormous clout. The slightest criticism of Jewish influence in Hollywood, of world Jewry or of Israeli state policy, is deemed ‘anti-Semitic’ and the consequences for many can mean imprisonment or, at least, the loss of a career and any real worthwhile future.

European Action does not do the Holocaust for two reasons. One, it had nothing to do with Britain, thus the British people have no blood on their hands, and second, we will not give the oxygen of publicity to the Zionist propaganda machine that uses the Holocaust as a form of blackmail against those that dare to criticise Israel. Indeed, it appears that being pro-Palestinian is now deemed to be ‘anti-Semitic’. So-called Holocaust denial also falls into the Zionist trap.

In Chile, the football team Deportivo Palestino, founded in 1920 by Palestinian immigrants, uses a pre-1948 map of Palestine as a number one on their shirts (below left). The Chilean Jewish Community declared this to be “anti-Israel” and demanded the team be banned from the Chilean Football Federation. The team was fined $1,300 by the National Association of Professional Football of Chile and ordered to redesign the shirts. Since when was being anti-Israel a crime ... the equivalent to ‘anti-Semitism’?  Well, I will tell you. Ever since an International Conference on Anti-Semitism deemed it to be so. That so many governments coalesce in this intellectual terrorism is evidence of the success of the practitioners of this propaganda war on the Gentile world. It has a parallel with the success of political correctness in the English-speaking world. The aim has been to stifle objective thought and render the target groups as incapable of standing up to this tyranny. Except in France, it appears.

A very successful comedian, Dieudonné Mbala Mbala, has challenged the Zionist domination of Europe. Thus the claim by Dieudonné (pronounced dew-donnay) that he is essentially anti-Establishment has that ring of authenticity. He does not recognise the ‘anti-Semitic’ label, of course, and includes formerly taboo subjects in his repertoire. Incorporating a personalised gesture called the quenelle (see left) he has made a mark for himself in French life that would have been the envy of our own dear Jim Davidson, bless his cotton socks for standing up to political correctness and man-hating feminism over the years. He deserves a medal for valour in the face of this particular form of ‘intellectual terrorism’. But I digress.

The persecution of Dieudonné Mbala Mbala has begun. The result? A mass following across the class and racial divides but particularly among the jobless youth of France. This is also a counterweight to the Israel-friendly right wing nationalists in Europe peddling Islamophobia. People like Geert Wilders, the platinum blond leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV) in Holland. Wilders regularly visits the Israeli Embassy in Amsterdam for his briefings and regards Ben Gurion International Airport as his “second home”. This tells you more about the Islamophobic movements than anything else. Yes, that’s right, they’re deep in the pockets of rich Zionists, as was the English Defence League until the money ran out.

There is one exception among the nationalistic parties in Europe and that is Hungary’s Jobbik party. Its leader having identified Zionism as the enemy and the Islamic world as a natural ally in the war to free all nations from the Money Power, with the Rothschilds at the helm. All the other nationalistic parties do the unwitting bidding of Zionism and attempt to unfairly demonise Muslims. A shame on them.

During the writing of this article, we learn that West Bromwich Albion’s footballer Nicolas Anelka has been fined for using the ‘quenelle’ salute on the football field. It was claimed this is an inverted Nazi salute although he was to deny it was either racist or anti-Semitic. He was ordered to stay away from his club pending further inquiries over his “inverted Nazi salute”, banned for five matches and fined £80,000. Then the inevitable “compulsory education course”, that sinister-sounding brainwashing session you associate with totalitarian regimes. I am still waiting for my name to be called for one of these sessions. I would be a tough nut to crack.

An “independent” regulatory authority, composed of three men, found that Anelka is not an anti-Semite and nor that he intended to express or promote anti-Semitism by his use of the quenelle.”

Yet the demonstration of the quenelle was, they said, “abusive and/or indecent and/or insulting and/or improper” and “included a reference to ethnic origin and/or race and/or religion or belief”. Work out that one because I can’t make sense of it all. Is he an anti-Semite or not?

The French comedian Dieudonné Mbala Mbala has taken the brunt of this anti-quenelle campaign but it seems to propel him into stardom among the population.

Earlier this year, he was booked  to perform  in the Zenith theatre in Nantes, that was before France’s highest court, the Council of State, had restored a ban on him performing there.

5,000 people had booked tickets and the police turned out in force. The result was a riot, with hissing and booing ... but most of all, the demonstration of the quenelle salute by the crowd, now popularised through this persecution.

The ban was originally over-ruled on the grounds of free speech before it was overturned and this is the core of the problem.

Dieudonné has seven convictions for “anti-Semitic hate speech” and remains undaunted. The founder of the Front National, Jean-Marie Le Pen, is godfather to one of Dieudonné’s children. You can not get more of a cross-section endorsement than that. One of Dieudonné’s colleagues in the Anti-Zionist Party is former Front National member, Alain Soral.

The accusation of “anti-Semitic hate speech” is losing any currency in the mind-manipulating world of political supremacism. The French comedian says he does not hate Jews and is not anti-Semitic but is, as we are, anti-Zionist. He shocks many because he breaks taboos but, more than that, he scares those who wish to suppress him. The president of the World Jewish Congress, Ronald Lauder, calls on France to confront this “preacher of hate”.  It appears the people of France are not going down that road.                                                                      

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