Friday, 12 February 2010

Money Does Not Grow On Trees

From the Editorial, EA No 26 (January/February 2010)

Britain lurches deeper into recession with no way out in the foreseeable future. Instead, our governing politicians prefer to feed us overseas diversions in the form of the continued involvement in Afghanistan with the increasingly bogus claim that there is a serious internal terrorist threat to bomb Britain to smithereens, masterminded by an elusive Al Qa’eda.
Apart from that, the masses are given TV soaps along with the likes of Strictly Come Dancing and The X-Factor to take their minds away from the real dangers of economic collapse.
What all politicians from all parties will not face up to is that our real problems are the direct consequence of Government helplessness before the international banking system, a system that is answerable to no one. It is a scandal of international proportions so that we now see they can not even enforce regulations regarding the recent bonus scandals. The Government is paralysed as bankers put up two fingers to them.
Not one of our politicians is honest enough or courageous enough to expose this banking scam and to explain how it really works. In fact, it functions by lending money, which has been created out of absolutely nothing, to governments that have to pay it back with interest. That repayment money must also be borrowed from bankers who further create it out of thin air ... and so the screw is tightened at every turn. Debt ultimately enslaves nations.
Most people do not understand what money is or how it is created and used. If they did then politicians could no longer pull the wool over the eyes of the public but would need to confront the con-men of the banking system in direct response to the anger of the people that elected them. Public ignorance is the elected politicians’ only hope against the potential for mass revolt by the people.
The present system is designed to fail. Why? So that when countries are in the economic doldrums the bankers can exploit the situation to their advantage. We have all recently witnessed this and it is no accident out of control.
Money exists in two forms. One is in the form of very tangible banknotes and coins. This is but a small part, 3 per cent, in fact. The larger element, which is an intangible record of credit/debt, makes up the other 97 per cent. It is out of lending and borrowing that most money is created and supplied. The banks create money through loans and it is then simply set against these debts by entries into a computer. Once the debt is paid back the money disappears from the economy. In fact, it never existed in any tangible form because money is debt. A David Nixon or Paul Daniels could never match that sleight of hand.
Large private international companies play around with the money supply of national economies in a way that suggests total manipulation. They can increase or shrink the money supply ... less money means businesses going bust, unemployment on the rise and a downward spiral into recession. Before that, things went well as the money supply was increased through massive borrowing ... but people borrowed beyond their means so that eventually they could borrow no more. The banks reduced lending as a consequence, which further reduced the money supply within the economy. Recurring recessions are inbuilt as a result.
This is what happened recently with massive defaults on payment of debt with the defaults reducing the money supply further. Firms then go bust with yet more people on the dole ... but the bankers continue to gorge themselves while awarding each other massive bonuses for doing practically little. The moral point is completely missed which indicates something very rotten in the state of Britain.
A debt-based money supply in the control of private international companies is the root cause of all our ills and needs to be changed. The words of Meyer Amschel Rothschild, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” were uttered centuries ago and should alert anyone who believes in liberty.
The alternative is to hand the creation of the money supply over to governmental regulation and to make it accountable only to the people. It was Mosley’s view that banking should become the servant of the people and not to be their master.

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