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Israel is not Europe

by Robert Edwards
Published in EA No 8, January/February 2006

In a previous issue of European Action, the front page heading for an article was “Turkey is not Europe”, the text of which attempted to define a European identity based on our history and culture. Turkey belongs to a region known as Central Asia. Geographically it is not Europe. That was a good starting point, the rest followed.
Israel, on the other hand, is a state founded on a complete rejection of Europe ... Zionism being a political ideology of the Nineteenth Century that rejected the assimilation of Jews within European society, some of whose disciples attacked all European Gentiles as being afflicted with a congenital disease known as “anti-Semitism”. Christian Europe was picked out especially for this vile canard. They claimed this condition is incurable with most Zionists still maintaining this view today. The theory is that anti-Semitism is endemic in Europeans and the only guarantee of Jewish survival is to create a state to which all the world’s Jews can go and seek protection.
For this reason, I would like to question a creeping trend that is attempting to incorporate Israel and Zionism into mainstream European social and political life. How does a Middle East state, out of all the other Middle East states, suddenly become a paid-up member of the European Club? In days of old they were usually black-balled.
The longest standing anomaly has been the Eurovision Song Contest with Israelis warbling alongside genuine Europeans singers. No one questions this absurdity because such a critical observation would instantly prove the “anti-Semitism” of the observer. So no one says a word in contradiction, except us.
There is a real danger that the very idea of being a European is being traded for a cosmopolitan internationalism. By that I mean people from outside our borders are treating us as a convenient market to plunder and attach themselves at their will. By so doing they are undermining our true sense of identity as well as our heritage.
Another case is the convicted fraudster, David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan chief and now labelling himself a “European American”. Duke served time in the United States for embezzling funds from his political supporters. He is also an addicted casino gambler. Duke is currently touring former Soviet bloc countries preaching to the locals at considerable expense. Who pays his expenses? His embezzled supporters, the CIA or the State Department?
It is the use of the term “European American” that presents the biggest problem. Before then, he was a white American and this was widely used by Americans of European descent. However, Duke’s new term for a white American implies that he has a God-given right to speak on behalf of all Europeans in another part of the world to his own. He does not ... and he should be shown the way back to the United States where he truly belongs. You are either American or you are a European because these are two different worlds with whole sets of different values; there can never be a hybridisation of the two. We are coming back to this trend towards a global mono-culture that is currently being pressed by the American financial imperialists and Duke is either knowingly or unwittingly fostering this with his “European American” campaign. It is undermining the future sovereignty of a Europe that seeks a position in the world in its own right ... without the assistance of Americans, I must stress.
The parallel with Israel is obvious. Both states were founded on a rejection of European influences and broke away as such. The Americans reverted to a form of materialistic barbarism while Israel established a racist state based on the idea that all non-Jews wanted to kill them all. Thus, anti-Semitism as “the European disease” became the alibi for some of the worst atrocities committed since the Second World War. It was the Palestinians who were to suffer.
The leader of the British National Party has taken up the cause of Israel after years of trying to expose the wicked Jewish influence in the British media and poking fun at the “Holohoax”, as he then dubbed it. The term “wicked” is now reserved for another religious group, like swapping the latest designer fashion for another. The intention is the same but without the dreaded “anti-Semitic” label.
The BNP’s line is that Israeli Jews are just like us Europeans and hate Arabs and other Muslims with the same intensity as the leaders of that party. Well, that is a bit of an over-simplification but nevertheless fair. It is this idea that Zionist Jews are Europeans like the rest of us that goes against the grain of all logical thinking unless, of course, an inevitable hidden agenda pushes this view in the interests of Israel alone. How convenient would it be to have the full economic and military backing of a rising united European power, as well as that of the United States, propped up by a powerful Jewish lobby. Then the Zionists could fulfil the prophesy of a Greater Israeli Empire “extending from the Nile to the Euphrates”. That is why the Israelis want to involve themselves in European events and not through any brotherly love for the “congenital anti-Semites” of old.
Another recent anomaly has been Israel’s participation in the European Cup football fixtures, playing against genuine European teams. What on earth does the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) think it is doing? Have they ever looked at a map of the world? You would think Tel Aviv was somewhere between Paris and Warsaw and not in what is historically Arabia.
The Israeli flag which features at these games is both a religious and racist symbol that could offend many people with sympathies for the plight of the Palestinians and, as such, should be banned at football matches. It is the symbol of the murderous oppression of innocent people in Gaza at this very moment in time.
Israel has the closest ties with the United States where the new leader of the Democrat majority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has declared her unconditional support for the Jewish state. She stated recently, “America and Israel share an unbreakable bond: in peace and war; and in prosperity and in hardship”. That tells you everything about the differences between Democrats and Republicans. None whatsoever, as far as Israel is concerned.
So where does this latest Zionist affinity with Europe stand in relation to the bonding with Uncle Sam? Israel was once considered as the back door for the Americans into the Middle East after the British were forced to leave Palestine under pressure from President Truman. At the time, the Foreign Office correctly perceived the State of Israel to be the beginning of the end of British predominance in the Middle East.
It was not until the fiasco of Suez in 1956 that the total humiliation of the British in the Middle East was completed and the British Empire declared officially dead.
We also remember and commemorate in this year of 2007, the torture and murder of British servicemen by the terrorist Stern Gang sixty years ago. A justifiable protest at any football match between Israeli and authentic European teams would be to display large banners reminding television viewers of the terrorist connection and, principally, the Stern Gang. See how the “European connection” holds together then.
As I said, the leader of the British National Party thinks that Israeli Jews are just like us, meaning, of course, that we share so much in common. He is oblivious to the true nature of the Zionist mindset that regards all non-Jews as potential genocidal maniacs out to get them. In that sense, the Zionists are on another planet while we prefer this one.
The BNP’s National Press Officer, former Tory Dr Phil Edwards, responded to a colleague of mine, “As far as I’m concerned Jews are white people of European ancestry and have made a significant contribution to civilisation and Western progress. No doubt there are a few who have ambitions for power and wealth but to typecast them all this way is a mistake. Instead of this obsession with the ‘Jewish question’ we must be able to debate their agenda without being typecast as anti-Semites”. Former Vlaams Blok leader, Filip De Winter, was quoted as saying similar in a Sunday newspaper but his party was condemned and banned as ‘racist’ some time later. It re-emerged as Vlaams Belang.
Quite so, Dr Edwards but it is leading figures in your BNP labelling any critics of Israel as “hysterical anti-Semites” that are the real culprits and, no doubt, this article will be viewed as the product of such. But we are talking of Israel and Zionism ... and not Jews in general. Anti-Semitism was always understood to mean condemning Jews simply because they are Jews, which is an irrational and stupid thing to do. No, Dr Edwards, we judge people entirely on their actions and past record and, in this case, the state of Israel and the ideology that founded it.
It is for the simple reason that the early Zionists rejected Europe and assimilation that present-day Zionists could never be considered as loyal and true Europeans as we understand the phrase. The state of Israel is exclusive and racist in the sense that it is a Jewish state for the Jewish people, despite a token Arab representation. The Arabs are second-class citizens in Israel with no property rights. The Israelis are unique in several ways but principally they seem to be allowed to practice apartheid in the region with the West simply looking on.
For all these reasons, when I had explained how Turkey is not part of Europe, there is the issue of Turkey’s human rights record still being debated by European governments. The record of human rights violations in Israel and the Palestinian territories is probably worse than that of Turkey and if not, no less so.
For this reason, Israel is not fit to be part of a European Union if that is what some Israeli politicians are considering. Being geographically outside historical and cultural Europe is but one consideration.
So let us begin by throwing Israel out of the Eurovision Song Contest whose last winner was a weird transsexual. Let us bring European football back to an exclusively European involvement ... otherwise why call it the European Cup? At present it is actually the “Israeli/European” Cup.
Israelis must be excluded from top secret sessions of inter-governmental defence and foreign policy in Europe and they must certainly be excluded from any civil contracts involving security in London’s public places ... London Underground, for example.
Israel’s intelligence services must be banned from operations in all countries of Europe, especially in regard to Mossad’s openly declared policy of targeted assassinations anywhere in the world. This is intolerable and a threat to the lives of all our citizens.
The idea of dual nationality must be included in the debate. With Israel outside Europe, how can any Zionist living in a European country profess complete loyalty to his land of abode when, at the same time, the state of Israel must come uppermost in his mind? One’s loyalty is always compromised under such an arrangement and more so when you are also an Israeli citizen. After all, all that it requires is that you are a Jew anywhere in the world.
Our Europe a Nation must practice complete religious tolerance as declared in our points of policy. But Zionism is a secular political ideology trading on a religious myth ... the bogus Law of Return. It is this ideology that has wormed its way into the White House and Downing Street, through the mainstream political parties in Westminster in the form of the “Friends of Israel”, whereby to “get on” you need to be affiliated whatever the colour of your politics.
A unified European Defence Force must never be tainted by any association with the Israeli Defence Force, a criminal organisation that seems to have no control over its trigger-happy soldiers. Perhaps some admirers of Israel need to see filming of Israeli soldiers shooting Palestinian children in the head, whose only crime has been to exist and who are committing the appalling terrorist act of walking to school or playing in the street.
I would say to them, no, they are nothing like us Europeans. But to tell them that is like banging your head against a brick wall, as is the custom in another part of the world outside Europe.


LBN said...

There must be an european resistance against our common enemies!
Great job with all this articles, well done.
Greetings from South-Europe.
For an european Nation!!

Robert Edwards said...

Greetings, LBN. As brother Europeans we shall fight the enemies of Europe. Only the union of Europe can give us the power and strength to do so.
Keep in touch.

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