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by Robert Edwards (ESA No 53 July/August 2014)

American foreign policy dictates to the rest of Europe but especially to the United Kingdom through the form of a Cold War political power bloc known as the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation or NATO to give its more familiar acronym.

America boasts allies in all its global adventures but they are not allies in the sense that American interests are mutually compatible with the interests of those of other states in this NATO set-up. It is not an equal partnership by any means and in any way.

All previous British foreign secretaries have served American interests like lap-dogs. This relationship has always been one of master and servant and this trend continued with William Hague who only recently confirmed that Britain will do anything in order to please Uncle Sam. His successor, Philip Hammond, will be no different in this approach. The most recent case was to “stand side by side” over the ever growing Sunni militant threat in Iraq. “Whatever America decides, we will follow”, said the former Tory leader.

It is the same Sunni Islamist element that the United States and its allies actually support against newly elected President Assad of Syria. This irony smacks loudly of hypocrisy. It is this hypocrisy that characterises both American and British double standards in relation to those ‘dictators’ targeted for regime change and those to whom both countries turn a blind eye. To support the autocratic rule of the Saudi royal family on the one hand against an elected president in Syria on the other looks like, and is, rank hypocrisy. To say nothing regarding the civil rights abuses in Bahrain and in Egypt while threatening Iran on a daily basis is immoral. The same goes for the cruel and unrelenting persecution of the Palestinian people by the Jewish supremacists of the Zionist state. Not a word about it on the BBC even though the Internet is awash with the reality of the situation over there.

We are subordinate to the United States. This is the reality as unpalatable as it is for those who still believe in the “special relationship”.

Our leaders seem to forget that the United States is a foreign power with its own interests, amounting to global domination.

The United States claims to be ‘exceptional’ and this exceptionalism, as they dub it, means the civilised rules, we the rest of us have to abide by, do not apply to the world’s major super power. For example, the Geneva Conventions do not apply to the United States where torture and suspension of Habeas Corpus is state policy. The use of drones on killing missions is part of this. The President has the power to order assassinations anywhere in the world if the targets are deemed to be a threat to American interests.

The treatment of prisoners and the civilian population in faraway places is no longer the criteria of US Army field manuals. You may as well burn them all for any present-day value they have. International law is not for the United States but it does still apply to the rest of us.

American soldiers are trained to be psychopaths, which is plain to see on this page. The American love of guns and the turn on they receive from killing anything that breathes is all part of the American way of life.

It is all down to American foreign policy based on the principle of ‘exceptionalismand America’s own rules for treating the rest of the world. America is different ... America is superior ... The American way of life is the best way. That’s the way they see it.

This view of the world is not new, by the way. It emerged after the American War of Independence, defining the new America in ideological terms. Liberty, equality, republicanism, individualism and laissez faire economics. These are the underlying ideological tenets of Americanism and remain so to this day. It is the reason there is little difference between the Democratic and Republican parties, both of which reflect this ideological exceptionalism.

Each nation thinks itself unique but the United States goes further and promotes the idea that it is superior to all other nations, exceptional and above all international laws, including the Geneva Conventions.

It was described by political scientists as the first new nation with its own ideology, created after a revolution.

The first reference to “American exceptionalismwas made by Alexis de Tocqueville in the mid-19th century.

The American Communist Party in the 1920s adopted it and annoyed Stalin with the claim that America is exempt from the Marxist laws of the historic class struggle. They further elaborated with America being exempt through “its natural resources, industrial capacity and absence of rigid class distinctions”. The American communists (the Jay Lovestone faction) thus adopted the term exceptionalism.

It became a term for general use up to 1989 when the Scotsman Richard Rose reflected on it in his role as a political scientist.

He said historians reasoned that American exceptionalism persists because “America marches to a different drummer. Its uniqueness is explained by any or all of a variety of reasons: history, size, geography, political institutions and culture. Explanations of the growth of government in Europe are not expected to fit American experience and vice versa”.

US President Barack Obama recently gave a speech in which he outlined American exceptionalism. He said the United States will attack, militarily, any country on a unilateral basis if it deems that country to be a threat to American interests. It will not feel the need to consult any grouping outside its domain, including the United Nations or NATO.

The United States keeps military bases in a hundred countries, including our own Britain. Several RAF bases are taken over entirely by the USAF/CIA for global surveillance purposes. GCHQ is simply an extension of the American NSA, a fact exposed with devastating effect by the whistleblower Edward Snowden. Snowden and Manning exposed the true nature of US forces at home and abroad, military personnel who are, in reality, trained murderers and psychopaths above the normally accepted rules of engagement.

Which brings us to America’s partner in crime, Israel. American exceptionalism has its direct parallel with the Jewish belief in the Chosen People. Similar to the American position, Israeli Jews think of themselves as above the Goyim, non-Jews who are regarded as not possessing a human soul. This, in turn, is at the core of Zionism and its treatment of the Palestinians.

What we see going on in Gaza is Jewish supremacism at its worst. Israeli rabbis calling for the extermination of all Arab mothers so they can not breed “snakes” as they call them, the bombing of hospitals in Gaza by Israeli jet fighters and the death toll among Palestinians rising way above 800 and going up. Worst are the images of the dead children.

The United States turns its attention to an airliner brought down over East Ukraine.  The entire Western media seems to deflect the news away from Gaza and the terribly shocking disregard for international law there. The United Nations calls for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza which appeal is completely ignored. The United States says nothing.

Hamas wants something perfectly reasonable. It wants an end to the blockade of Gaza and an opening of its borders. At present, Gaza is nothing more than a huge concentration camp with a densely packed population suffering terrible deprivation.

Israel refuses to ease the situation for Gazans. It is one of the most cruel and unacceptable of situations in the world today.

Exceptionalism and supremacism are both dangerous concepts in whoever’s hands. They attribute to the holders of these doctrines a sense of god-like power over others and, as we see today and in recent years, a total disregard for the human life of other peoples. With the Israeli Jews it is a moral superiority over the Goyim, so superior that non-Jews are considered immoral and inferior.

Rabbis connected to the Israeli government are now instructing the IDF that it is permissible to kill indiscriminately without regard for the innocents. This is not even said in secret. Expanding the ground war against innocent civilians is the aim of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and he openly declares he is not at all interested in the opinions of anyone outside the region. Nothing will deter him from his mad genocidal mission.

Like American exceptionalism, Jewish supremacism does not recognise international law. One reason neither entity would sign up to the International Criminal Court at the Hague.

Fact is, our own government serves both maniac powers slavishly and without question. Today, America wants to expand NATO up to the borders with Russia. We should not be part of it. We should end this drift to war.

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