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Our Response to the Nordic Supremacists

by Robert Edwards  -  ESA No 48  -  Sept/Oct 2013

In his book, Mosley - Right or Wrong?, Sir Oswald Mosley made his views on race perfectly clear  when he stated, “The first thing to note is that races are different - I say different from one another, mark you, not superior to one another.
Many misguided racial supremacists, have been led up the garden path, however, and had adopted the concept of Nordic superiority and the absurd idea that only the Nordic is creative. The Scandinavians of the 9th century are remembered as the feared Vikings of the seas but today are the pacifist exponents  of democracy, pornography and liberalism. Nordicism is a very narrow concept based more on sentimental attachment to the past than on any real scientific evidence. They talk of “our Nordic race” when, in fact, Nordics are simply a type and not a race.

The idea that a Herrenvolk should be characterised by blondness of hair, blue eyes and tallness of stature is a misleading interpretation of National Socialist doctrine. This exaggerated Nordicism was promoted quite independently of the German NSDAP by the eccentric Hans Guenther. Other Nordic theorists were even more barmy and an embarrassment to the National Socialist movement.
The nonsense that the Nordic was a special gift of creation and that they even created Chinese culture was tame stuff compared to some of the wilder notions in this superiority theory.
Would you believe that a Karl Weinländer proclaimed that an infusion of “Nordic blood” promoted rapid good health, whereas, a transfusion of “Jewish blood” would kill a patient.
The idea that all creativity stems from the Nordic would imply that anyone creative must be Nordic ... tall, blond and blue-eyed.
One could fill all the pages in this publication with the names of the greatest in European history and very few would qualify as being Nordic. It is very easy to laugh at this claptrap and, indeed, it has been jumped on by the Hollywood film mafia as representing the official race theory of National Socialist Germany and thus a grotesque caricature.
It should be suffice to state that Hitler had no truck with these ridiculous theories and talked only of ‘Aryans’ without being at all specific regarding physical type.
We can assume from that, that he was referring to all Europeans, regardless of colour of hair and eyes or stature. He made this clear at Nuremberg at a party rally in 1933 where he said, “We do not conclude from a man’s physical type his ability but, rather, from his achievements his race.
This is a far cry from the rubbish involving cephalic indices and blondness.
An intelligent race theory requires a far broader perspective and an appreciation of other races, people and civilisations. We share this planet with many diversely different groups of people with whom we need to communicate and understand. To do otherwise is a great folly, for we would only isolate ourselves and reduce the chances for greater opportunities in the wider world..
No race is inferior or superior to another. We must establish this fact if we are ever to be taken seriously with a wider audience. That does not diminish the love and worth we place upon our own race, the European race.
We must acknowledge the great achievements of other peoples down the ages and not insult them with nonsense about superiority.
The contributions of the early Egyptians or the civilisations of Sumaria, of Babylonia, of Phœnicia or the Chinese, have been of immeasurable significance. As Arnold Toynbee pointed out in his Study of History, the Nordics have contributed only to four or five of Mankind’s twenty one great civilisations ... in contrast, the peoples of the Mediterranean have contributed to ten. The Arab Empire extended from Spain right across to China while Europe lived in the Dark Ages.
The greatest empire builder was the Greek [Macedonian] Alexander the Great who spread Greek culture to many parts of the world. He was undefeated in battle and regarded as one of the most successful commanders in world history. Such was his fame, twenty cities he founded all bore his name ... Alexandria in Egypt for one.
Many military academies around the world still teach his tactics.
But Alexander the Great was not a Nordic. He was from the Mediterranean. The ancient Greeks were an ‘Aryan’ people whose achievements easily outshone those of the Nordics. After all, Classic Greece is regarded, justifiably, as the cradle of European civilisation.
Dr Ludwig Eckstein from the headquarters of the Reichsführer SS encapsulated this view towards the end of the Second World War with:
While supporting our own race and, if necessary, fighting against other races to protect its right to exist, we should not overlook the fact that almost all other races display something in themselves that is sound and biologically resolved and is therefore BEAUTIFUL, NATURAL and VALUABLE. ... each race carries first of all the measure of worth in itself.
When once we understand this then we do not foster feelings of inferiority in others, a consequence the hitherto existing race theories have too often achieved”.
This was a far more mature approach to the race issue and a lesson many still need to learn today.
Hatred is borne of fear and has no place in our racial consciousness, where we stand firm and confident regarding the great achievements of our own people ... no more than the achievements of others.
We need to fear nothing when we adopt this maturity of thinking, for then other races and peoples would regard us with respect while, at the same time, dealing a powerful blow to the mistaken and misbegotten slurs our traditional enemy has thrown at us.

It provides us with our character in a collective expression. It is the same with all races and we must foster this ideal for all Mankind. Only then can some order be put back into the world and our destiny as Europeans fulfilled.

copyright©2013 Robert Edwards

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