Saturday, 8 December 2007

A personal introduction

Starting this blog was an idea that came to me after reading a few blogs from others. No names but they all seemed to follow a certain pattern. The people I am writing about never seem to say anything important or interesting even though they claim to be involved in politics. One of them goes on about driving up and down motorways stopping to take digital photos of wild birds and animals. He takes every opportunity to remind readers that he is a naturist. Another lives on a pig farm in North Wales and drones on about ancient monuments and what his family had for dinner. Their utter banality makes reading their blogs heavy going, ever in anticipation of coming across something witty or clever. Only to be disappointed.
To me, a blog should serve a purpose in direct accordance to the main interest of the group of people in which the blogger involves himself on a regular basis. In my case it is the political ideas of Sir Oswald Mosley and his vision for Europe. This, to me, is of greater interest than all the incidental comings and going of the day.
I am not going to follow the trend of the self-obsessed who tell us at what time they got up in the morning, how many times they broke wind in the process or how the dog reacted when he shouted, "Walkies!"
Why do these people think we want to know these details? It suggests an egotism out of direct proportion to their importance as human beings.
I shall not be informing you of the details of my personal life, my ablutions or what I had for lunch, because it is none of your bee's wax. Besides, you will find something more interesting on these pages which you will rarely find elsewhere ... political ideas that offer serious solutions to our country's problems.


Anonymous said...

As the front page article of a recent 'European Action' says, American gun culture has much to answer for. In every American film, gun carnage passes for normal. Every American designed X-Box or Playstation game gives young minds a feel for mass murder - ensuring a continual supply of young recruits willing to fight and die for American world domination, no questions asked.

A National European Government should impose strict censorship on the mindless violence in films and digital games to stop this gradual brutalisation of the young with the fatal consequences we read about every day.

The Editor said...

Quite so, Anonymous. The failure to tackle this problem by successive governments is a reflection of the general lack of will.

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed Robert, as I always have been with your writings. I am involved in a small blog European Socialist Action (hardly original I'll grant you), perhaps its time to stop fannying around and get back in the larger tent.

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